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Zoot XT is a next-generation information processor.

What's New in Zoot XT

No Limitations
All of the limitations of Zoot 5.0 have been lifted.  

The Zooter
The Zooter in Zoot XT lets you clip a web page and save it as a complete web page with both text and graphics.

E-mail client
Zoot XT lets you create an unlimited number of e-mail accounts.  You can create them all in one database or across multiple databases.

Feed Reader
Add a RSS feed to any Zoot database or open the Feeds database and indulge in all the feeds you like.

Dropbox / SugarSync
Keep your databases synchronized across all of your computers effortlessly.  You can synchronize all of your databases or select a subset of databases to synchronize.

Field Blaster
Field Blaster recognizes naturally occurring fields and adds them to your database automatically.  And that's just the beginning.

Integrated Web Browser
Zoot XT has an integrated web browser so you can quickly find what you're looking for on the web without leaving town. 

Cloud Services
Zoot lets you post content to popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, and many more.

Speech Recognition
You can completely control Zoot XT and with voice commands using the Zoot XT Speech Pack and Windows Speech Recognition.

Color Themes
Zoot XT lets you customize the way the app looks from top to bottom.  The default theme is Zorro and it's very dark and mysterious, but you have many other options.


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