Upgrade to XT

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Here's how to move from Zoot 5.0 to Zoot XT


Install Zoot XT

First download and install Zoot XT, then run it once so the program can create its database storage folders.  Zoot XT stores folders in a different location than Zoot 5.0, but the folder structure is the same.


Copy your .ZOT files over to the new Zoot XT location

Using Windows Explorer, copy your .ZOT databases over to the corresponding folders in the new Zoot XT storage location.   The database folder structure in Zoot XT is the same as it was in Zoot 5.0 and will look something like this:

Copy your .ZOT files into folders under the Projects folder as shown above.


All Done!

Open Database Manager and double-click on a database to open it.  Your .ZOT database will be converted to the new Zoot XT file format and will be renamed with a .ZDB file extension.